Phoenix Divorce Mediation Attorney

The right Phoenix divorce mediation attorney can eliminate a lot of the costly conflict that often transpires during a divorce. Instead, by working in a collaborative effort, both sides can save the time, money and hassle that they would have spent on a long, drawn out legal battle.

At Phoenix Family Law, we give you the chance to work with a skilled Phoenix divorce mediation lawyer that will go to bat for you, protecting your best interests during the event of divorce.

During the course of mediating a divorce, you will encounter a few very important topics. It’s pertinent to have a divorce mediation attorney in Phoenix AZ that is on your side — protecting your best interests while staying open-minded enough to work with the other side. Some of these topics include:

  • Parenting: When kids are involved, parenting battles can be seemingly endless. With mediation, you and your ex-spouse are able to determine things like custody arrangements, visitation schedules, child-related expenses and more. Our Phoenix divorce mediation attorney will make sure you don’t lose out in this crucial area of divorce.
  • Support: Through mediation, you can also discuss whether child or spousal support (a.k.a. alimony) will be implemented following the divorce.
  • Division of assets: Many clients rely on our Phoenix divorce mediation lawyer so they get a fair shake when it comes time to divide up everything. Keep in mind, these assets also include debt. Everything — the good and bad — must be divided up.

Just because you are working with a divorce mediation lawyer in Phoenix AZ and trying your best to mediate with the other side, does not mean you have to just blindly go along with what everyone says. You won’t agree on everything and there is always the option to bring your issues to court.

However, we are confident that working with our team as your Phoenix divorce mediation attorney will bring a certain calmness and collaboration to your divorce. Everyone wins.