Scottsdale Family Law Firm

Family law can often be a high-stakes, tricky area of the legal system, which is all the more reason to put your faith in a competent Scottsdale family law firm. At Phoenix Family Law, we have the experience and knowledge to provide the representation that you need.

Our family law firm in Scottsdale AZ has built a strong reputation — one that includes client satisfaction as the cornerstone of our practice. We work hard and in your best interests to make sure that your family and its member get what it needs.


Wide range of practice area

Family law is a very broad area of law. It’s so much more than managing divorce proceedings. Phoenix Family law serves as a well-rounded, successful family law firm in Scottsdale, specializing in some of the following:

  • Divorce: This is what we are most often used for by clients. When men and women go through a divorce, they need to find a way to minimize costs but still get favorable outcomes. Our team will show you how to pick your battles and approach divorce proceedings with savvy.
  • Child custody/support: Our Scottsdale family law firm is dedicated to helping the many children out there who are caught in the crosshairs of a divorce or unhealthy home life. We help you serve the best interests of your children when it comes to custody, visitation and even child support.
  • Domestic violence: This might not seem like family law topics, per say, but it is an important one. Many men and women find themselves in unsafe living situations — feeling trapped. Phoenix Family Law specializes in personal protection orders and other avenues of addressing domestic violence.
  • Spousal support/alimony: Many men and women pay alimony or spousal support for their ex-spouse. Our family law firm in Scottsdale AZ will make sure you are receiving fair treatment under in this area of the law, as well.

In divorce and many other family law disputes, it’s important to make the right legal steps. Our Scottsdale family law firm does just that, delivering you a favorable outcome.