Scottsdale Grandparent Visitation Attorney

Grandparents have rights, too, and a Scottsdale grandparent visitation attorney from Phoenix Family Law is ready to work with you to protect those rights. If you feel like your rights not being met, then we encourage you to speak with a member of our experienced staff to gain reliable and knowledgeable legal advisement.


A firm knowledge of state laws

It is important to work with a Scottsdale grandparent visitation lawyer that is well versed in the local laws. While grandparents are often afforded custody or visitation rights of their grandchildren, the specifics are dictated by local laws.

When you work with Phoenix Family Law, you will have access to a grandparent visitation attorney in Scottsdale AZ that, not only knows the statewide laws, but puts them into motion for you!


Serving the best interest of Arizona’s children

Each grandparent visitation lawyer in Scottsdale AZ that carries the Phoenix Family Law name has a passion for serving the state’s children. We want what’s best for these children, just like you do. Often, the best interest of a child is interpreted by:

  • Safety
  • Physical and emotional health
  • How well their needs are being met
  • Strength of relationship with parents/grandparents
  • The child’s preference
  • And a lot more

Your Scottsdale grandparent visitation attorney will pick through all of these factors, and more, to help build your case. We want to make sure that you retain access to the grandchildren that you love so dearly.


An accessible Scottsdale grandparent visitation lawyer

At Phoenix Family Law, we pride ourselves on being there for our clients. That means, when you have a question, we are available to answer it.

It’s this level of client care that helps us turn a rough situation into an optimistic one.

Fight for your rights with a qualified Scottsdale grandparent visitation attorney by your side. Get in touch with Phoenix Family Law right now.